2d6 Electric Devil Skeletons: Gygax 75 Week 2

Hello! I’ve been doing Ray Otus’ Gygax 75 challenge to make a playable setting in 5 weeks. It’s been really fun and I chose to make a setting based on the idea

 "what would a post-apocalyptic setting be like if it happened to a cyberpunk dystopia and also the apocalypse was caused by occult computing?"

I like how it’s gone so far and want to share the ideas with you all! Check it out here: 2d6 Electric Devil Skeletons


“Occult computing” is an absolutely lovely phrase and even cooler idea.

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Right?? I feel like it’s a concept that has been explored narratively a fair bit in video games (stuff like Flowey from undertale, the entirety of Pony Island and The Hex, and the urban legend of Polybius), and aesthetically in music (Perturbator omg), but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it in rpgs. Was there ever a darker/ritualistic approach to magic made for Shadowrun? Maybe the closest is warhammer 40k with a mix of dark gods and sci-fi but that’s not quite the vibe captured by “occult computing”. Maybe the Technocracy in Old World of Darkness Mage?

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For occult computing, check the The Laundry Files series by Charles Stross. The first tome is brillant, second is less interesting, but the 3rd comes back with a revenge…
I should check the rest, now that it’s out there :sweat_smile:


Just thinking more on the term too, if interested in Comics Jodorowsky definitely comes to mind. Namely The Technopriests, bit I could see a little of it in The Metabarrons and The Incal too. His and his artists world’s are ripe playgrounds.