A Collected List of Reasons to Make and Write About RPGs

When faced with a blank page and a half-formed idea about a game, often I find myself at a loss about what specifically to write about or work on. So I collected a bunch of regular and ongoing reasons to make and write about games: game jams, design competitions, prompts for blogging, challenges, etc. I hope you find the list useful!

NB my interests extend to narrative games beyond OSR rpgs, so there’s stuff about board games and interactive fiction in there too. Recent additions to the list include the #RPGaDay prompts coming up for August, the new OnePageRPG Jam on itch.io, and the Meta Prompt Generator from A Blasted Cratered Land. Let me know if there are any annual/ongoing things I missed!


https://physicalgamejams.carrd.co/ i made a website for ongoing physical game jams…


Brill! I’ve added the link to the list.

Whoa thanks for doing this! Super helpful. I’m always forgetting about jams that I hear about.

when i created the list it was only 4 jams! im glad a lot of folks reached out to correct me because i found a ton of good stuff