Abandoned Malls & Cultists

Heavily inspired by @chiquitafajita’s own game, I’ve finally written my urban exploration and fantasy game: Abandoned Malls & Cultists (which is inspired by a real adventure of my own), which doubles down as an entry for the One Page RPG Jam 2020.

I know I’m very good at spreading typos and messing things up, so if you see something that seems off I’d be grateful if you told me.


This is cool, reminds me of the Gonzo “Mall-crawl” system I began to kick around mentally. Going to have to use this as a source for any post-apoc games I decide to run in the future too or just simply try it out with my group


Now I want to play this…


This is super cool! The aesthetic itself is awesome, and the ABC stats are really charming :slight_smile:

Also, being able to save spells in your brain is really cool! Reminds me of a GLOG hack where each stat doubles as an inventory pool, although yours is much easier to comprehend.

There’s so many cool little things about this! :smiley: