[Alastor 66] an OSR - Sci-fi - Horror RPG

Hi everyone!
With a friend, we are writing a new OSR rpg. Actually writing 2 versions of one RPG : one motorised by the black hack and another based on Microlite 5th.
I’m in charge of a lot of things, from system to layout, but also artworks.
I’ve found a way to create easily and quickly art, and i wanted to share it with you.
The setting is an outer system moon, that was colonized by a satanic church, long ago, and went missing.
When the United Earth Nations discovered Ravenium on Alastor, a black cristalline fuel for black hole jumpships, they tried to re-colonize the moon and discovered a world in shambles: internal strife, feuding satanic sects, technology set back in the 19th century. And DEMONS! A lot of them, with all the slaughter, orgies, gore and unethical behaviours bound with it.
In the middle of the war between all these factions, the U.N. and the corporations, are poor settlers that came as a last chance to escape the misery of life on the planets and moons of the solar system. Thinking that the demons and the black magic were rumors, like the U.N. pretends.
Poor people…
You are a crew, freshly arrived on Alastor and you’ll need a few credits to survive in the protected corporate enclaves. But maybe you 'll strive in this atmosphere of conflict, betrayal and ever present death.

They were the start of the project, and i’m not yet sure to use them…

The planet is hostile to inhabitable, but the upper 0.1% have let build a fortified haven for their holidays, a skiing resort for the richest. Some poor security has to freeze their balls off to keep these privileged arseholes protected

  • The careers

In this game, we renamed the classes to careers, to be more in touch with the style of the game

The captain:

The investigator:

The psionic:

I’m kind of reluctant to show you this last illustration , because i’m not yet happy with it… The shadow of the character is not dark enough, for example (it’s supposed to be a Psion) & i hadn’t seen it before exporting.
And somehow, there is not enough life in this picture… I should probably add some folks in the background, or more graffiti…

anyway, i’ll try to pop up every now and then to present the advancement !


how does that work exactly? it wont be the same, rpg would it? or is it just a setting for two systems?

It will, in the end, probably be 2 different games, sharing approximately the same setting (but not entirely).
We intend to give lots of tools (tables for example) to create your own communities and so on. That part will be the same, too (or at least nearly the same).

I’m massively excited for this (largely because my Gygax 75 challenge is developing a cyberpunk setting that pulls hard from Dark Conspiracy)

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I see. Sounds very interesting. and i love the art too!

The art is for me the biggest challenge, but i’m learning and getting better everyday :star_struck:

I’ve redone the last piece from before, and it’s still not finished, but i’m getting there…

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I started on the description of the psi disciplines and powers.
The 6 disciplines (which contain 5 powers each) will probably be:

  • Biokinesis
  • Chronokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • and Thermokinesis.

While developping the Psiker disciplines, i made some art for the Medic career:


On Alastor, not all demons are spooky and ugly:

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I’ve presented this project on my blog too:
After presenting some Art for the Alastor 55 project, it’s time to present the big lines of the universe/setting.
So, if you are interested in an OSR horror Sci-Fi game, continue reading on my blog :wink:

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I Changed my Modus Operandi just a little: This lunch Break I did a short Photoshoot with a Colleague to have a character and used him for this piece:

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The main horror part of the upcoming game is mainly based on Demons…
Not sure if fighting them with fire is the best idea, but when you have a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail, right?
(the flame-thrower-guy is a colleague of mine - the same guy as behind the car of last image)

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New art for my horror Sci-Fi OSR-RPG:
an “innocent” demon gets attacked from behind

(used a photo made during a shoot with my girlfriend for this one :sweat_smile: )

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I’ve put my first 3 créations for inktober / laketober (from the 2 first days) on my blog…