Amazing Rats: collected house rules for Maze Rats

As I mentioned in What’s your MVB (Minimum Viable Bestiary)? I’m putting in one place my house rules (and a bunch of experiments) for Maze Rats. I’ve finally found the time to publish them in some form.

At the moment I have firearms rules, additional paths and some monster conversions (which I plan to expand in the next days - while I don’t know how often I’ll come up with extra rules).

I also plan for an Italian translation in the near future.

You can find it here (link preview is still work in progress, sorry):

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This is great! I always really liked Maze Rats and thought it’s a shame that there aren’t really any modules / supplements for it.

I started running other adventures with it and one of the future sections of Amazing Rats (or maybe another format, more fit for this kind of content) is conversion for adventures. The first one I’m gonna release, because it’s the better converted, is Tomb of the Serpent Kings, but I still don’t have a set deadline for that.

Other stuff I’ve played (and thus have some notes to base a conversion on) is: