Animal companion mechanics?

I’m daydreaming about a campaign that wholesale rips off the world created behind the boardgame Scythe by the artist Jakob

Should be pretty straightforward. LotFP style humanocentric rules. Black powder firearms. Probably will set the game after a technocollapse/bad war so won’t need mech rules (otherwise, steal from SWN). Instead of Eldritch fantasy horrors, insert mad scientists.

All the heroes in Scythe have iconic animal companions. Which makes me wonder…

Class with animal companion built in?
Or all PCs get an animal companion? (Musk ox, wolves, hawk, etc.)

Any good animal companion rules written out there on your zines, blog posts, restaurant napkins, etc.??


Are special rules needed? Why not just take animal statblocks and use normal retainer rules?

Probably not. Your idea is simple and easy to implement.

Just wondering what crazy stuff people have home brewed.

DCC RPG has some good rules for familiars that aren’t too burdensome.

For Companions, I would say simply take their basic stat block and have them progress/level with their human partner with maybe an extra hitdie at the start to make up for them being animals and help give your players an extra edge.

Some interesting Mech Rules I’ve found and you could use (in the event of Mechs pop up) is the Mecha Hack Ruleset by Matt Click. It’s a nice thing, but might require a bit of work to get it to mesh with say LoTFP or similar rules.

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I don’t have anything to contribute except the fascinating story of Wojtek the bear which your post reminded me of.


Just do hireling rules but animals are paid in belly rub hours or food instead of silver or gold.

Belly rub hours!!! How about carousing for animal companions??? :laughing:


I made a dog companion thing a while ago:

Maybe take a look if there’s anything there you can use. Preview below.