Announcing #RPGaDAY2020

The themes for this year’s RPGaDay have been announced!

Last year I managed to do like 3 entries, but I’m planning to try to make it all for this year. Any of you are planning to join in? Maybe we could arrange a dedicated thread here in the Pit.


I’d be down for that!

Thanks for bringing my attention to this. A dedicated thread would be cool! I’d like to participate.

I’ve seen RPGaDAY posts wandering past before, but one thing I’ve never been quite clear on – are the prompts (only?) for talking about the hobby, or can they also be used as prompts to make things for the hobby?

I’m a lot better at the latter than the former >.>;;

I think if you made things for the hobby per the prompts that would be great. And now I’m thinking how to create a random table or monster or something for every prompt too.

Also, is it worth having a category here and a post per prompt instead of having a post per person per day?


I was thinking of a single topic, where everybody can post each day.

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I think you lose something in “browseability”, but it’s certainly tidier.

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