Archangel GIST! Generic 2d6 FKR System

Hello everyone
I released the alpha version of my Genric free form Game System: Archangel GIST !(acronym AGIST!), Inspired by the GIST! by Roberto Bisceglie.
It’s not an OSR system, meaning that it takes some nice stuff from a few different places.
It was born from my need to have a lean but modular system to get newbies to start playing, and it was very useful at that.

OH NO another system we didn’t need

True, but it’s all released under CC-BY 4.0. Which means if you read this and find some nice procedures to steal, it’s yours.

In the download there are also the editable character sheets in PDF which are always handy when playing online.

Find it here: HERE in PWYW (not meant to make money, only love if love you can give)

What is welcome are feedback, ideas, insults, etc.


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