Are there any OSRs with interesting 'Dreamlike' settings?

I know of ‘Through Ultan’s Door’ and of course the CoC’s 'Dreamlands '.
But are there any other ‘Dreamlike’ stuff out there?

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The Hole in the Oak does this to an extent, you can amplify it for your own usage, which is what I did.

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hmm what exactly do you mean by dreamlike? Like that the players can influence aspects of their environment because its a dreamlike state?

Or just games that can function as dream oneshots - different dimensions etc?

You could check out :

Gardens of Ynn - Shifting extradimensional garden

Maybe Dungeon Crawl Classics #94: Neon Knights


This sort of thing always reminds me of the Alan Moore intro to his out of continuity Superman story.
“Is this an imaginary story?
…Aren’t they all?”

I guess dreamlike means arbitrary, “surreal” (what, like having huge tunnel complexes under every settled area? Very Jungian) and so on.

The challenge is to preserve internal logic whilst including elements some people would see as more fantastical. But then looking at the classical dream worlds of Poe and Lovecraft, they are basically fantasy settings. Ditto Dunsany. The dream aspect there was that the writers dreamed the stories and then recorded the dream.