Art and adjacent by Perplexing Ruins

Sweet! Neat premise, I’ll download and check it out later!

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Just wrapped up reading Orrery of Percipience - this is just great. I know for a fact my table will love this, it’s so thought provoking and open ended enough for my brain to get some real ideas stirring. The concept is extremely clever in general but simply having this thing pop up over night outside of town and promptly shove PC’s into several spheres is right up my alley.

I’ll give some more constructive feedback once I get my Knave group in this tent. Thanks for sharing @perplexingruins !


@LF_OSR Thanks for taking the time! I worry a little that the random room generation may be off-putting for some, but I hope that others will find it a liberating way to keep the pamphlet fresh. Like tracking down rumors of this mysterious tent that plagues communities with its ambiguous existence. My previous posted art is where the Keeper comes from. And I used my art characters for the bestiary. Highly recommend looking up Lazslo Krasznahorkai’s Melancholy of Resistance. Much premise for this adventure based on that novel.
Let’s hope the knaves of the world find it odd and challenging…Cheers

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@maderschramm Recommend looking up Lazslo Krasznahorkai’s Melancholy of Resistance. Much premise for this adventure based on that novel.

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Have made a gallery of art for sale. Some pretty rad, colorful and unique pictures there!

Have recently posted my solo sessions for Weird North over at

Gouache on paper
7" x 9"

Dark, hideous, ignoble - this castle is mounted on the shoulders of the giant Wandering Knight of the Cursed Year - the patron saint of the vile knights of betrayal. Armed and defended like any castle, entering is inadvisable. It’s appearance accompanied by black rain, crop failure and chronic disputes.


Hello all! Been a while, but I have some new creature art/stats to put up. I have been hard at work trying to write my first adventure… A forested thing to use with Cairn. Cheers!

Brackel (group name: Festival)

6 HP, 6 STR, 15 DEX, 12 WIL, scratch (d4)

  • Can cast Befuddle, Filch, and Haste spells once per day
  • Toys with those it encounters, leading them astray
  • Takes pity on those it perceives as broken, leading them to aid instead


4 HP, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 15 WIL, burning touch (d4)

  • Spirit; black undulating form; erratic behavior; seeks to enter the mouth
  • Regenerates 3 HP per round
  • Immune to physical attack

Hello community - staying safe and sane in these dark times…? Here’s hoping so…
Made this piece recently per someone’s request. Pretty excited about this one - clearly funneling recent anxieties. Went for a more graphic approach (looking at Beardsley/adjacent) and someone else mentioned Italian film poster vibe!
7" x 9"
Gouache on paper

Be well!


Priest of Lost Futures

Inspired by Vaults of Vaarn, Troika! and my recent discovery of Moebius. Gouache on paper. 7" x 9"


Posted my impressions of Ordure Fantasy over at


Hello group - been a while, just wanted to post these hand-painted bookmarks been making recently! My version of fan art - Cheers and be well!


Just released the pocket zine version of DrawRPG! Three items so far, with plans on a 4th. Diceless, card based mechanics. Base game, Solo Supplement & Referee Guide. All art by me.

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Woah this looks really cool! Is this meant to be played as a solo rpg? And what are the cards used for?

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Thannks @Kingroy23! It has the solo supplement to facilitate that play. Was thinking of people like me, without a group, but also, really lean setup! Hence the deck of cards. It is a over/under mechanic +/- modifiers system. The cards are also used to generate NPCs, hooks, items, spells, dungeon generator. The 4 “classes” , based on the suit you draw (above is Jack & King), are Troika! inspired with possessions and 4 set skills you get with advancement.

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Latest upload to patreon account - painted double spread border illustration.


Outstanding really! I love your art style!

Thank you! Thats very kind

Some more recent stuff.

Have been rather busy doing some commission work and making content for my Patreon!
For $2.50/mo all the images are available for commercial use in your publications!