Art-oriented OSR subreddit

I just learned about this place, an art-oriented OSR subreddit (with its own Discord instance, for those interested). It’s full of nice artwork and good artists (a lot of them can be hired too!)


Yeah, I’ve seen this one! I think @LF_OSR had something to do with it.


Ah yes! Hodag created the subreddit and Discord then reached out to me for an administration position.

More focus will be put into Discord channel as time goes on, and we will more than likely undergo a name change very soon, but I definitely encourage any artists or creators to join in the meantime. @cavernsofheresy is also an admin and has been working with me on some exciting positive changes coming to the subreddit and Discord server. Stay tuned! :crossed_swords:

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Just joined this subreddit group. The art is great. It gets the creative juices going. Can’t wait to see the future posts. Thanks for the link. :+1:


I have hired artists on it and they were great.