Best Amazon (the website) books for $20 (or less)?

Hi all!
New user here, I hope this is okay.
I received a $20 Amazon gift card recently, and I am interested in buying a new book. What are the best OSR books I can find on Amazon? I’d also be interested in any inspiring fiction I may find.
“Dungeons and Drawings” by Blanca Martínez de Rituerto and Joe Sparrow, and “Character Compendium” by Jacob Hale have already caught my eyes, but I’m open for suggestions!

Thank you in advance!



The best OSR books on Amazon are the Basic Fantasy books.

You can get several for that $20 you have!


Not OSR but clearly influenced by the OSR:

Frankly it’s a fantastic value.

Questing Beast review:

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Yogochai went over budget :joy:

Haha, yeah. $2!
Though 4.9 stars is RIDICULOUS for an amazon review.

Thanks for the recommendation of Neverland! I saw it there and wasn’t going to get it (the peter pan story was never my style), but I was convinced by the QB review. It’s such a pretty book!