BIND: The hackable RPG

We have a bunch of people hacking away at making their own RPG, but it seems a waste that everyone has to start from scratch. Some people just want to add a spell-system, or a race; but to add those things to a book you need to write the whole book.

So here’s BIND - the open source RPG. All the source files are open, so if you like the basic ideas, you can modify it as you please and print off your own version.


The system’s fast-paced and lethal.
You start by randomly generating a character, and interpreting the results - just add a concept and some Skills.

Nobody writes a backstory - instead, add it during play by spending Story Points to explain how you know Gnomish, or how you met this old Ally (who will come on this one mission with you).
When you die, pick another character from the pool of Allies.


The attached campaign world pits humanity against nature.
Humanity stretches out, but the forest eats our fingers.
Random encounters mean nobody on the edge of civilization is safe.

The world-book has a full campaign in part III, ready to drop on top of any players.


That story points idea is great

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Awesome! I remember seeing this project a while and it’s grown a lot, layout looks great too. Thanks for making it open source too!

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It’s growing faster now that someone else is on board. Feel free to stick up issues, or just add idea on existing issues:

Cheers. If you have any more ideas for background Stories, there’s an issues board for suggestions, fixes, et c.

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