[Blog article series] Amazing real places used for RPG

I recently joined a facebook group named “RPG Worldbuilders Visual Inspiration and Prompts”. What I’ve seen there triggered again my lust for writing.
So I started a new series of posts, based on real places in our world, and what would they mean in an OSR dungeonverse.

The first post (linked just before) is about the living tree root bridges and what they would mean for a fantasy setting or the dungeonverse


I continue presenting Real Places and twist what these would mean in a fantasy RPG contest. This architectural piece brought me muse about fire-fighting in a fantasy setting (and why fire-spells, i.e. fireballs need to be banned out of cities)

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Third installment of my “real places in RPG” blog series !
How effective is fortification, however secluded it is, in case of magic?

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These are great, I especially liked the first one with the mangrove bridges.

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4th instalment of my “real place in rpg” blog series…

Today, a magical waterfall from the USA in the state of New York ! What is this place? an elemental locus? a crossing of leylines? and what can you use it for in your stories?

The fifth instalment in my “real places in RPG”-post series is finally there.
This time we jump into the cold waters of scotland and marine folklore

It’s been a while since I posted something in my “Real places in RPG”-series…
6th installment is about the “devil’s Bridge” in eastern Germany (Rakotzbrücke), a magical place, full of inspirational dreamyness.
An easy plug-in in any fantasy campaign (post is system agnostic)

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