Blog Post/ADVENTURE REVIEW: The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford

Hi folks! Over at Gundobad Games, I’ve just released a new blog post offering a review of a low-level old-school adventure by Chance Dudinack, The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford. I was excited to write this review, as I’d really like to give some more visibility to what I see as an excellent, creative, and open-ended but tiny (re: manageable) exploratory sandbox for new characters (I wrote to Chance asking for a review copy in exchange for a fair review on the blog).

At risk of letting slip the dogs of war against me, I’ll quote for my overall sentiment:
“Now, this isn’t a perfect adventure, by any means; I’ll offer some critiques as well as praise below. But the (things I consider) mis-steps are not hard to fix, and the potential here is quite good. The closest extant adventure to which I’d readily compare this little-known module is the seemingly ubiquitous Winter’s Daughter. With all due props to that triumph of layout/organization - and although this may sound like heresy to the average OSR fan - I’m much more excited about the idea of running Black Wyrm than Winter’s Daughter, even though tonally the two could fit quite easily in the same campaign. Yeah, folks, I’m serious. This is a really good starter module.”