Blog Post: Gundobad's new rules for reaaaaaally fast combat

Hi all,

My newest blog posts details a little ruleset I developed for fun recently. Key sources of inspiration: Tunnels & Trolls (but with much less math), Dungeon World, FKR/freeform games, and a bit of Troika!. It’s made to run blisteringly fast combats between competent adventurers and quite large groups of enemies (as in, a party of 4 fighting 30 Norkers in 5 minutes, or a dwarf warrior slaying 16 goblins before he falls dead). So it’s offering a bit more of a heroic flair than many OSR systems, but offers yet another way to come at ye olde dungeoncrawl.
This shouldn’t be replacing anyone’s core ruleset soon, but it has potential for quick play-by-post, one-shot, or solo gaming.

Feel free to check it out and offer critiques or comments, if you’d like.