Blog post series on simpler DOMAIN / WARBAND rules

Hi gang,
Over on my Gundobad Games blog, I’ve been noodling with ideas for streamlining different play aspects, working both with OSR and PbtA concepts. I’ve just kicked off a new multi-post conversation about simple domain and warband management rules. If that sounds like your cup of tea, please follow the hyperlink above, check things out, and stay tuned as the posts keep coming. Happy gaming!

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    Anglo-Saxon king and floorplan

Here I go again: Part 2 of the series is up.

…Aaaaaand Part 3 too, in the same afternoon!

Haven’t read these yet but wanted to take a minute to just generally thumbs up your blog. I absolutely love your shit.

Thanks! :smiley: I appreciate it.

And now, Part 4: moving on to dirt-simply mass combat systems, starting with my hack for Into the Odd detachment rules.

Whooops - here’s the link: