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It can be hard blogging and creating content in a niche corner of the internet like the OSR, and it can sometimes feel like you are yelling into an uncaring void. With this in mind, what would people think of a review chain? Basically, post a link to a blogpost or a working document here, as well as how you’d prefer people to respond. However, only do so after you’ve given feedback on at least one post already in the chain. I’ll start with Once More, and I’ll put myself in “debt” for one review to do so (so whoever replies next will get my review, and things spread from there). Just leave a comment with what you think of it, nothing fancy needed.


I’ve been lurking in the pit for a while but first time posting. I’ve never used this platform before so apologies if I’m somehow doing it wrong.

I wish you had chosen Batteries Not Included since I’ve already written about that ;), but I’ll give this post another look.

Rolling thoughts:

  • I like the idea of endurance tasks costing HP. It reminds me of the attribute pools from Cypher System.
  • I’m not a huge fan of a single d6 distribution for rolls except in specific cases. It just doesn’t have quite enough range for my tastes, but I guess for a decidedly simple system it could work.
  • I like the effects on monsters for failed attack / defense. It’s a clever idea that could be easily generalized outside this system.
  • I like the MP system and giving all classes special abilities. And it’s simple enough that it would be easy to create or modify them. I’m sure it could be “broken”, but it could also easily be “fixed”, so balance seems like a non-issue even if you normally care about such things.

On the whole, I think it’s a well-designed game that I could imagine having fun with. However, if I’m being honest, nothing about it really pops to me. You describe it as being Wuxia-like but personally I’m not seeing it. I also don’t know how well this game would work for a longer campaign, but that may not be what it’s really intended for.

There are elements of the combat system and attributes that I like, but I think it needs to do a bit more to justify itself, if that makes sense. I think this could be “improved” (imo) by one of three approaches:

  • Make the combat and HP/MP system something which could be more readily hacked onto a more traditional OSR system.
  • Make the game a bit more robust. Not saying crunch for the sake of crunch, but I think a few more clever mechanics on top of what’s already there, which really emphasizes why the game is the way it is as opposed to being just something to hack onto OSR, would go a long way.
  • Lean more into the Wuxia, even if it’s just the “flavor text”, just so it’s more immediately evocative. Even something as simple relabeling MP as Chi.

I hope this review doesn’t come off too negative, on the whole I think it’s really cool, like all of your stuff.

If you’d like to review / comment on something of mine, I’d prefer if you chose one of my more recent posts, but feel free to comment on whatever catches your fancy, even if it’s older.


Oh man, I hadn’t seen that until now! Now I owe two reviews rather than just one, fine by me. There definitely is a chance of things being broken, but since classes are selected randomly, it’s practically part of the game to try and skew things in your favour. “Wuxia” is probably the wrong term, I agree. It’s closer to the JRPGs that I’ve rarely played, having a stable of characters that stay in set positions on the field and make attacks. Apart from, of course, the Warrior being able to do the massive wind-cut at first level. You’ve definitely given me a lot to think about!


I’ll take a look at The Specialist. Firstly, it’s interesting putting Handlers in with the rest of the group of hirelings/specialists, but they definitely somehow go in the same pile. I like the idea of having specific goals/foibles/flaws for specialists that you have to keep satisfied, I could definitely see a d20 list of those having great utility!

I think the Cub and the Glass Cannon have some overlap, but I am incredibly interested in the idea of having “the Chosen One” be someone you have to wrangle along for the ride, get them to pull the magic sword, and then… well, it probably won’t go great for them, but still. I’m nervous of escort quests and DMPCs in general, but I think it could go well if they are mostly under the control of the players.

Overall I think that having good mechanics and handling for hirelings/specialists will probably take a lot of the sting out of having to handle six extra characters. Plus, I just adore the idea of dragging along a scholar who can cast a single spell and just waving them at problems instead of buying a scroll or wand. Then again, this is why I make it so all magical items can talk!

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