Build a witch challenge

I’ve found this going around for the more artsy people, but I liked the idea of having this kind of challenge also for gameable content. You can find the rules here.

Also, I hate that Discourse doesn’t do nice previews of my blog.


You could write a d6 or d10 entries for each questions and craft a fun generator with these. :slight_smile:


So each commenter creates a new table? That’s nice!

Or each table could be collectively created. It would probably be best to use 6 entries by questions to be able to get to the end.

This is a nice challenge. I went ahead and wrote up a witch.
Inspired by Belinda Blood, Franken Frank & a comic I saw years ago about a witch bragging how cool her fĺeshgod patron is.

I’d love to hear feedback and thoughts! I put it on pastebin because it’s long but I might put it on my blog too later. I would love to read of more witch-NPCs.

Warning: This is long, disgusting and deals with body horror & surgery!

EDIT: Here is the blogpost with some more Fran pictures

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I offer the tragic tale of Maggie Blackthorn as my entry to this challenge.

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What kind of witch she is?

Daayan Dumpa (Toilet Witch)
What’s her name?
Garon Killcat
What kind of wand does she use?
Human Legbone
What’s in her cauldron?
Raw sewage
What kind of familiar she has?
Trash Pig
Where does she live?
Town Dump of Rosanebel
What does she look like?
The Daayan Dumpa or Toilet Witch is a female humanoid with long black hair that functions as a marauding tentacle and black talons, wearing a pretty dress stained with fresh blood.

(this is a monster out of the sourcebook I’m currently writing but I thought it fit the challenge)