Castle Xyntillan Session 26 and 27: The Great Count Caper

After a long hiatus, Castle Xyntillan has returned! In the last session, the party concluded their latest expedition to the castle, battling and losing an ally to the shambling mound, fulfilling another hirleing’s revenge against the Malevol skeleton Tristano, and fleeing the vampire countess’ wrath as she found that they had killed her husband.

But all is not well. The party returned to find Tours-en-Savoy taken over by Rel and his band of orcs, with the assent of the Count of Chamrousse! The homes of their allies were under siege, Rel had taken over the Prefecture, and both Claude and Giacomo had been arrested and taken to the dungeons under suspicion of treason! Now the party are criminals, their closest friends imprisoned. Will they rescue their allies? Bring the fight to Rel? All this and more in this week’s session of Castle Xyntillan!