CIA investigated Atlantis, window areas and ancient ruins

“You Greeks are as children, Solon. For you remember only one Flood but in truth there have been many deluges.”

I love these completely ridiculous conspiracy theory type videos for world building and getting ideas but I always go Incognito so it doesn’t save them to be browsing history. It’s also interesting to realize that it anything supernatural did exist, the CIA was dead-set on weaponizing it for the rich ruling class, which makes for more great world-building ideas.

I tend to think that some of the “investigations” are related to the severe “magnetic anomalies” more than any Raiders of the Lost Ark type stuff. But I also like to get ideas for different groups of Men In Black for WHITEFRANK - be they Monks of the Holy Armaments going around preventing gunpowder in fantasy settings or Smithsonian Scholars going around the Old West suppressing finds of giant bones. We can add CIA / AFOSI to that for modern day exploration of ruins and UFO sightings. :slight_smile: