CURSED! Horror roleplaying based on Knave

Hi everyone.

It’s Kobayashi, I wrote the Black Sword Hack, Extinction and contributed to Knock #2 (and soon to be released #3 and translated a bunch of OSR stuff in french, like Sword & Wizardry White box and Operation White box).

I just released CURSED! a horror rpg using Knave as a base, with the following alterations to fit the genre:

No levels,characters can get better but you won’t see a 40HP protagonist here.
Short and concrete guidelines to help you run horror adventures.
Fear and panic rules: short and effective ones.
50 horror-themed spells (no D&D-like spells here), draining &dangerous
A bestiary and a simple method to adapt/create your own monsters

It’s meant to help you run horror adventures in a modern setting(19th century monster hunting to contemporary surival horror).


More importantly, this is released under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License: you are free to share and adapt this material for any purpose, including commercially, as long as you give attribution. So hack away! The game comes with an .odt file to help you hack this thing up.

It’s a 12 pages PDF that is sold for 2,50$ on DTRPG


For those of you who prefer a printed copy, I made a 36 pages zine version with illustrations by Charles Ferguson-Avery. Digest sized. Saddle stitched, creamy paper.

You can buy it on Lulu.

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