Elder Oak - adventure module OUT NOW IN PRINT & DIGITAL!

Elder Oak – my zine-sized adventure is out now at sunkenplanets.itch.io/elder-oak for $6! Print version is out now on Lulu Exalted Funeral for $15: Elder Oak + PDF – ExaltedFuneral

I’ve been working on this for about two years, and it’s been huge thing for me to get this out there. This forum has been a huge inspiration for me, so thank you folks!

It’s a digital-only purchase for now, but printing at a shop or at home is made pretty easy with a bunch of versions of the adventure. I might look into doing a POD sometime in the future, but who knows.

There are more pics at sunkenplanets.itch.io/elder-oak, if you’re interested!

In a forest village, the church bell chimes for morning service. The good folk bow their heads in desperate prayer, recalling the sins and horrors of nights past: neighbours kidnapped, man-things lurking in the woods, and sightings of giant snakes.

Their preacher is powerless, but the old oak tree in the village calls to them - A silent battle rages for their souls. Dark secrets await below the blood-soaked earth and black roots, under the old oak.

  • Elder Oak is a compact adventure of mystery, dungeon delving and dark psychedelia.
  • For characters of 1st to 4th level
  • Designed for easy reference during play - control panel layout, minimaps, hyperlinks, handy tables
  • Usable with any d20-based adventure game
  • Beautiful, isometric-style maps of the village and an ancient temple
  • Includes alternate PDFs optimised for home & professional printing

Wow, this looks amazing! I absolutely love the isometric maps of the area and the dungeon. Definitely going to pick this up later when I get home and pour over it.

(I need to see what happens with the Altar Vision that is hinted at in the preview pictures…)

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Haa! That’s awesome, thank! Let me know what you think about it! :smile:

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This looks really good, and I agree about the maps. I encourage you to try and get a high quality print version onto Exalted Funeral or wherever. :money_mouth_face:

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I’m currently fiddling with the print files to get them to print correctly on Lulu. It’ll take a while to get it done. And because of some printing limitations i didn’t expect, the layout will be slightly different (can’t print on the inside of the cover). I might add a drawing or two in the process, to make it a nicer.

UPDATE :herb:

Print version is out now on Lulu! Get it here: https://bit.ly/3u0ifHv

Saddle-stitch, 28 pages, good quality color print and nice glossy paper.

The cover is slightly different to the PDF version, as I removed the yellow trim. There are also 2 new pieces of art, which will be added as separate image files to the PDF version.


Updates & edits

Elder Oak is available in print at Exalted Funeral, with a fancy new print by Mixam. The latest and greatest edition, with slightly improved layout.

The itch.io pdf version has also been updated for past & future buyers.

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