Epic fantasy rpg!


A complete fantasy role-playing game!


This book adapts the SRD to FASERIP system, while preserving the classic fantasy role-playing flavor!

450+ pages, complete adaptation of the SRD pursuant to the OGL, a complete game, game world, the works.Using the FASERIPopedia version of FASERIP. Some of the stuff will be familiar to our existing fans; ALL of it has been rewritten especially for this book plus hundreds of pages adapted from the SRD - but again, rewritten, modified and amalgamated.Modular monsters means many more! MANY more - horrible hybrids illustrated with a few examples demonstrates the origin and practice of half-this / half-that creatures like the Owlbear (and Bearowl); various equivalents of templates not only shift statistics but radically alter the nature of Animals and other living threats. The SRD Dragons are there - as well as Orchard Dragons, Cave Dragons, Pink Dragons, Sea Dragons and more!

Gods are covered - in a way that allows that classic old school fighting gods (with [truly tiny] chance of victory) but also maps out how they work in a campaign and how many worshippers they need to keep their god power!

Encounters - simple encounter charts with day / night differences!

Items - there’s no gold pieces but there are Wealth or Resources checks to purchase things - and there are a LOT of things to purchase!

The SRD classes are there - joined by some friends!

The SRD Races and subraces are there - also joined by some new playmates!

Level progressions for Dark Lords - not so much for players to use but so the local existential threat makes sense in the context of your game world!

Beautiful, heart stoppingly beautiful at times - plentiful art!

Conversion rules to take OSR and d20 based resources into the EPIC FANTASY worlds!

EPIC FANTASY is exactly what it says: EPIC. FANTASY. No murder hobos, no mindless accumulation of gold pieces. Yes indeed you can accumulate Wealth; but you can also become a Baron of your own Barony, investigate and defeat Dark Lords, compete in non-lethal competitions, and naturally learn and cast spells. But it is solidly on the FASERIP side of the fence. You play a hero, an anti-hero or a villain; you don’t get to play fast and loose with morality or bad behavior at the gaming table in the same concerning and honestly problematic way as is the case in far too many OSR and SRD derived games. We can be better than that; EPIC FANTASY shows the way, we hope!

In EPIC FANTASY the Limitations of a character determine their Karma and if they disobey those Limitations - including alignment codes of conduct - they lose ALL their accumulated Karma. And Karma is used to buy all forms of character improvement from Class Levels to ability increases to additions to your Stronghold if you rise to become a Baron!

Paperback and Hardcover available - if bought in print you can email proof of purchase to receive a free digital copy with digital updates for life :slight_smile:

non-rhetorical question: what is OSR about this?

This is FASERIP rules adapting the entire SRD - which is first cousing to the many OSR clones - and EPIC FANTASY includes full rules for converting OSR and d20 based games to the EPIC FANTASY system. That chapter is also reproduced on the website here:

That’s the connection to OSR. Other than this game is itself based on an OSR property, the FASERIP rules themselves, as cloned by us.

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