Fallen - my new game of 17th century Rogues is launched

Hello everyone! I just launched the crowd-funding page for Fallen. The page is here:

I have a super talented team to add awesome contributions and make this a great book.

Come on by and check it out!


I don’t understand the “funding” model at all. You’re selling an incomplete game? Or have I misunderstood?

Hello! So, like many kickstarters, where people pay money in advance for game to arrive much later, this functions much the same way. Except, when you purchase the $4 pdf, you do get a complete game. It has more work to be done on it. It is the Ashcan edition. In Progress but very functional. But you would get the ever-updating versions. Better layout, more text, illustrations, more creatures, more tables, etc etc. As it stands now, it can be totally played. There is tweaking to be done. I have also set up a discord server for people to leave play reports, feedback, errors, offer suggestions, etc. I am actually funding then entire game up front, so that I could hire a group of highly talented makers. So for $4 you will end up with the final pdf version 25+ pages with the extra content. Then in Jan/Feb, I am hoping to release a final print version for purchase. The aim, again based on how well prefunding does, that I can offer that book at a lower than conventional cost as well (TBD). I hope this clarifies. But please feel free to reach out again, if I missed something.

is it on kickstarter? or do you mean buying it on itch.io is “like a” kickstarter? In otherwords your itch.io page is a crowdfunding page, and you are selling a completed game for 4 dollars, with an updated expanded version included in the purchase price?

Sorry wasnt clear on that point. Fallen is not on KS as of now. It is on itch. I am selling it for $4 currently on itch. That gets you the current file (very playable) but also later on more updated files as well. Then, there will be physical books (hopefully Jan/Feb) and depending on how well the itch funding does, I hope to offer those at a lower than conventional cost.

There’s a good FAQ on Itchfunding here.
And here is a list of games using Itch for this.

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so call it “itchfunding” then. problem solved.
I was looking for the kickstarter link etc.

Looks amazing, and what a team of excellent creators! Thanks for sharing this!


If the original post had used “kickstarting” to describe what they’re doing, then that could be a bit confusing. But the original post says “crowd-funding,” which as a term and practice is not exclusive to Kickstarter. In short, I don’t see a problem here.


I’m familiar with the concept of using itch for funding / development, have done so myself in a different way, nothing here seemed out of the ordinary to me.

Anyway, as you say, that cover art is excellent, and also the time period for the setting is one that I haven’t seen as much of so that seems cool. It makes me think a bit about that videogame Greedfall.


I appreciate the support! Its my first time trying this model out, with contributors, so heres hoping! I am real excited because we have the amazing Zach Hazard Vaupen doing the final cover art.
And yes, I think with the 4 adventures that the other writers come up with, Fallen will offer a fun alternative to fantasy and sci fi


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I was otherwise occupied and didn’t read the thread until today (I should have noticed it earlier, given my love for anything early modern), so consider this more a nudge for future thread than anything else.

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