[Fallimento Assicurato] Presents: All Cats Are Beautiful Vol. 1 - Fast'n'Purrious

Less than a year ago Fallimento Assicurato, an indipendent italian group of murderhobos, published a Fanzine about Cats in true OSR fashion. We liked it so much we decided to try and translate it to english to make it more readable by a larger base of people.

Inside you will find:

  • A Tavern Tale: an incipit for Vol 3 Adventure.
  • A list of Feline Backgrounds for your PC
  • Two new Classes: the misterious Nekomancer and the powerful Catlock
  • Cat Based Magic items
  • The guidelines for a Demonic Pact: The Guards Change
  • A new Template: Weretigers
  • From Cat to Sphinxes : impossible cats and where to find them
  • A List of Feline Guilds to enrich your settings
  • A Reaction Table for feline creatures
  • A complete review for all the Feline Races in D&d history
    27 Pages of pure Feline Awesomess in PWYW on itch.io

Enjoy! (every feedback is welcome)