Finally an answer. The OSR is

By using the cutting edge of roleplaying science and 6d6, I figured out what the OSR is! You can do the same.



The OSR is made up of Wild-eyd rules hackers playing Gary Gygax’s Chainmail rules with a couple who brought their teenagers because they can’t be trusted at home alone and are ‘led’ by an elite group who’ve played in con games GMed by Gary G and have photographic evidence but are actually led by Freemasons with the goal of assembling a critical mass of brain matter conditioned to simulate fantasy worlds. The harvest begins next year.

OSR = NWO? Gary (O.G) Gygax a freemason? It’s more likely than you’d think!


The OSR is made up of posing art-wonks
playing Gary Gygax’s Chainmail rules
with Jeff Rients, passed out in a beanbag surrounded by copies of his carousing rules, occasionally mumbling “level fiddy, mudderfuckers”
and are ‘led’ by purists who don’t play any game available in PDF or POD
but actually led by a millennial cult sifting the errors from millions of furiously typed forum comments for prophecy
with the goal of sorry, only the even secret-er cabal knows that.

Such cool tables.

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Just don’t you dare fudge the dice to make the story the one you really wanted. Railroaders!