Food for inspiration

I wrote a little something riffing off the work of others where they’ve said “no complicated healing rules, just have a good meal”, and getting players to describe their food. They get rewarded with Inspiration (or similar).

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those run-fight-build phone games do this quite successfully with the different food, drink, alcoholic drink, pills, potions and so on. I always wondered if it would work to entirely do away with experience points and have similar powerup items as per computer and phone games.
In WHITEFRANK I did away with experience in favor of Progress - simple advancement, but the experience point type system is very satisfying for a lot of people.
I think healing matters less for more people because quite often it’s a race to survive an adventure then between the end of that adventure and the beginning of the next one everyone is restored anyway.
Interesting though and your simple tables are very cool!

Thanks. I’m pretty parsimonious with XP in my current campaign, just because I don’t want the party overpowered for the pre-written module I’m writing, I let them go up after they’ve moaned consistently for a few sessions. But sersiously it’s been over half a year and they started at 3 and are at…4.

But now they get food. So, what more do they want??

I’m a milestone-progress kinda person anyway. Actual per-person XP I’ve not really enjoyed and it’s been a lot more work.

It is surely logical for a game system that reflects heroic fantasy to have NO experience points whatsoever and in fact NO standard character advancement at all. Instead, it would have end-of-story changes to each character tailored to them and what their players want. It would actually be a lot LESS work than all the book keeping with experience points.