Giant Albino Penguin!_TEKELI-LI!
Giant White Penguin, just not blind- but “Lovecraft was right”

Imperial Albino Penguins
(Number encountered: 3d6)
Hit Points: 4 (male), 10 (female)
Movement: 1 feet per second, 120 feet per second on ice or snow (16 miles per hour)
No Loot
Bite (2 hp)[THAC0: 12]
Skills, Powers and Problems: Swimming, Dodge, Night Sight,
[females only- Endurance], Survival (Frozen), Survival (Niflheim)

Imperial Penguins are human-sized penguins (flightless birds). The males have colourful eyebrow crests, the females tend to be shorter and heavier but also tougher. It is believed that a blind albino cave dwelling version of this bird also exists. If this is so, this sub-species undoubtedly has some form of echo location rather than Night Sight - treat it as a +12 on all Search, Spot Hidden and Detect Activity rolls.

(adapted from Imperial Penguins entry in the WHITEFRANK: Hawk Castle sourcebook)