Has anyone here played Freebooters on the Frontier?

I mentioned this game in another topic and I was wondering if anyone else has played it.

I’ve run a couple of sessions with @FroggyC and a friend and, as a Judge, I’ve found the procedures for world building and Dungeon generation extremely interesting. As a player (again, with Froggy) I found it extremely interesting, but not as much fun as a GM. The dungeon generation procedure (which you can find, as a generator, here) is really good and allows to create weird and interesting dungeons.

Did you play it? What’s your experience with this weird hybrid?


I’ve read the playtest docs, and like you, thought the world-generation aspects were really novel and interesting. No dice in convincing my group to give it a shot though :frowning:

I think Freebooters is the best “hybrid” PbtA/OSR system. I’ve also run Vagabonds of Dyfed extensively, World of Dungeons, Dungeon World, and many OSR games. FotF is the best at delivering the “OSR Feel” via PbA moves. That said I’d still couple it with Perilous Wilds/Depths (both DW supplements), as well as worldbuilding mechanics. All three are by the same author (with Jeremy Strandberg).

I’ve used this (based in part on PW) for freebooters and it has gone great.

Have you seen the second edition playtest? It’s very good, though unfinished.


I’ve ran both 1e and a version of 2e at Games on Demand. I also use the setting creation tools all the time when collaborating on a setting, mashing this together with some custom tables and Further Afield.

I love the game, I just don’t find it hitting the table as much as other dungeoneering games. I am also not the biggest fan of the dungeon generation tools. I think its ok for theming and special rooms, but trying to build a dungeon based on the rooms entrances/exits ends up taking a lot of work and ends up being really funky for most dungeons. If I were to use the tools, I’d just draw out my own dungeon and use the Danger/Discovery tables at whim. ymmv of course.

I definitely recommend it. It may supplant OD&D, B/X, or even stuff like Whitehack or Black Hack, but I think its very fun, has a lot of cool ideas, and may be a great way to get your PbtAfriends to do some hex/dungeon-crawling, or your D&D friends to try some PbtA.