Homemade Tabletop Terrain

I don’t think this is exactly what the sub category was set up for - but it’s immediately where my mind went. Sorry!

Any ways, I love seeing home made terrain for table top games. I go through frenzied phases where I make a bunch of it then, generally, never use it. I find it too restrictive when running RPG games, and I never have as much fun playing skrimish/war games as I think I will, so generally the terrain I make is wasted. That said, I love making it and seeing other people’s DIY stuff.

Maybe we could share our terrain Arts and Crafts here?

Here’s some Sci Fi terrain I made a while back. I got a bunch more in the shed that I never ended up using - maybe I’ll finally paint up those 15mm sci fi minis I got and do a photoshoot.


That’s a really unique and beautiful color scheme! The pieces look cool and definitely imply a setting and a mood.

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I was going for a mad max in space sort of vibe.

Yeah, I thought those were sections of road! Are they scalextric track (or some other brand of racing toy track)? The colorful plants give me a Moebius vibe.

They certainly are scalextric tracks. I found a a pack in a second hand store for a dollar or two!

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That’s awesome! What a creative use for those tracks. Do I spot some aquarium decorations in there as well? I swear I’ve seen some of those plants when shopping for my freshwater tank.

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Yep! Cut up aquarium plants I got for a dollar a pack, glued on to coins and covered in sand and paint!

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Amazing work, never seen anything quite like it! :slight_smile:

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These remind me of Carcosa and in my book that is a good thing!


That is a good thing in my book too!