How Jaquayed is Gatehouse on Cormac's Crag?

This weekend, possibly tomorrow, I’m set to run an intro game of S&W for my little cousin, his parents, and my sister. Besides frantically looking up how to run games with kids (thanks to @lichvanwinkle’s thread here) I’m taking a closer look at the layout of the module I intend to run.


I ran levels -1.5 this weekend for a group and had an excellent time. They fell for the Troll trap and immediately ran away. The players were then quite creative in their approach to the Gatehouse, rappelling over the top and behind the kobold guards. Level 1.5 was easy, but handling level 1 was the exact opposite, the tight hallways, a damn cleverly placed pit trap, and perfectly set up arrow slots created much havok for the party. Shouts of “Tucker’s Kobolds!” were yelled at the DM.

It was great! :wink:

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I ran the first hour of the session a couple days ago, but due to having a little kid in the party scheduling is a nightmare. They got introduced to the world and some basic mechanics, triggered the pit trap, got onto the roof and had some shenanigans with the archers before combat broke out and they were put to sleep.