Huge bundle

I don’t know how I forgot to post this here, because it’s being mentioned in all my circles but, if you still didn’t know it existed, now you do.

The list is huge and still growing (I bought at a little less than 1000 items and they have currently passed 1500 items), so I wont even try to make a comprehensive selection, but here are the things that I’d like to read/play/use/add to my workflow first:

  • Hex Kit by Cone of Negative Energy
  • Troika! Numinous Edition by the Melsonian Arts Council
  • Wheels of Aurelia by Santa Ragione
  • Tape by Aeriform
  • The Ground Itself by Everest Pipkin
  • Blades in the Dark by John Harper
  • Michtim: Fluffy adventures by Georg Mir (did I mention that I have thing for rodents in my games?)

If you bought it, what else do you suggest taking a look at?


Not really OSR, but I really enjoyed the post-apocalyptic Overland PC game - good atmosphere, decision-making inventory system, not guaranteed to be doable while keeping everyone alive.

I do hope they revamp how the bundle’s laid out though. It’s not the easiest to browse with them adding new products by spreading them out through the selection already there!


There’s some really awesome stuff in this bundle that I’ve been messing with, it’s going to take awhile to wade through all this awesome stuff though!

First highlight for me aside from ones you listed is the Lens deck for play testing TTRPG systems. Second is Celeste - I know it’s an amazing game but I’ve yet to play it, very excited to play it!


This one passed under my radar, thank you for pointing it out!

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Wanted to compose a little better list of personal highlights for me (some OSR/TTRPG related, some not):

This is what I found after going through maybe a sixth of the list so far. I’ll post some more that I find later on, plenty to mess with as it is! Hope everyone is enjoying the bundle as much as I am!


Thanks for this. It’s truly mind blowing to me to see how much creativity is in this bundle, there’s just so MUCH stuff lol.


The intro of this post is in Italian, but it lists (in English) all the tabletop RPGs contained in the bundle and it’s being updated as the author finds more titles. It might be useful.


Oh wow thanks for sharing that link!

This is probably the definitive catalogue for browsing the bundle


Now that is what I was looking for! And all the most recent stuff up front. Thanks!

Agents of the O.D.D. (by me) is a hack of Into the Odd inspired by Hellboy and The Laundry. Currently working on the revised edition to go up later this year.