I return from idleness!

I must’ve missed a lot from here and will say I am back. Though not to much happened besides dealing with life. Luckily I’m prepping the Morgansfort Module from Basic Fantasy RPG for a quite a handful of players that would go beyond my comfort (5-6 players I believe). Well as much I’ve not only have been doing solo experiences with the D&D board game Wrath of Ashardalon and reading some other stuff. I’m not sure if I’m derailing myself towards not remembering a whole lot from BFRPG’s core rules and the module itself. Well just know i have read through it before and wrote stuff where it would be easy, but that would be it. Since then a buddy DM of ours had to postpone Castle Amber for OSE as a player due to his schedule becoming a handful for him. So now I end up having to plan a game since no other games are gonna be made, So I took the role and went to asking around. Now I’m at the position of tomorrow being session 0 and I feel things are just missing as I worry the unexpected and my shutdown of prepping. Hope it isn’t a long post but love to hear your thoughts to what I could do or maybe how you folks have been


Welcome back @DanBoyo!

Hopefully your session 0 goes well! I wouldn’t worry too much about prepping, I usually just get a feeler for what the party wants out of this campaign and set some ground expectations for session 0 before we roll up some characters. One tip I’ve always liked was to start off the first session with a bang! No sitting around taverns, just throw the characters right into the middle of action whether its protecting a stage coach from bandits or a ogre attack on the village or something. Let us know how it goes :smiley:


Well thanks for the tip, well though as it was eventually gonna happen. The players had things to take care of and they couldn’t be able to join in the game today. So at the very least nothing has happen.


Welp went through my session through Play by Post. I’d say i had a blast. Though the intro to it kinda had its setback, but the trick up my sleeve could drive back i feel. Also i suppose i forgot repairing vehicle rules are a thing lol.

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