Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have any ideas that you think would improve the forum? Drop 'em here!

I think having an “off-topic” tag is a good way of channeling all of the memes (and boy, the memes are coming) into one location is worthwhile

And maybe some things for PbP capability? Could we get that automatic dice-rolling thing that was on the ancient Paizo forums???


Great suggestion. There’s already a Category for off-topic stuff (The waterfall) but I can definitely make that more clear. A tag is a good idea as well.

The PbP is a very interesting idea, I’ll have to see if there’s dice-rolling functionality.

Is there a way to nest replies inline instead of them appearing at the tail of the thread?


I don’t think you can have them completely inline (Reddit-style), but maybe there is some template configuration. I would keep this configuration on a per-user opt-in set up, since it changes a lot of the normal Discourse user experience.

Okay thanks for checking. I can live with it, but I did find it a little odd to follow a thread, only to see intermittent replies to earlier posts above it? Maybe I just need to get used to it :slight_smile:

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Dark Theme updates

So, according to this thread on the discourse forum, nested threads are not supported (and they don’t plan to do it). My suggestions are:

  • For each post with replies, you can expand them (as if they were nested) by clicking on the “Replies” button. You can see the example in the thread I just linked.
  • (for everyone) if you feel like your reply to a specific post might be worthy of a new thread, use the “reply in another topic” function (there is a handy guide here
  • (again, for everyone) mods can split topics and move posts between them, we will do it on our own if we see it in time, but if you ever think that it should be a good idea to split a topic, just tag or DM us.

I’ve been looking around for a plugin, but the only one I’ve seen looks a bit unmaintained. Luckily for us, discobot can do some simple dice rolls as follows:

 @discobot roll xdy

Where x is the number of dice you want to roll (maximum 20) ad y is the size (something in the help suggests that the maximum dice size is 120 but I’m not sure). Let’s check (wish me luck)!

@discobot roll 1d20

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:game_die: 7


Is there a reason you decided to go with the tiles format instead of a more typical list I’ve seen in other discourse instances (like say the Burning Wheel Forums or The Gauntlet Forums?). I find the tiles format very hard to read on both mobile and desktop.

Edit: I changed to dark theme and it helped a lot on mobile.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

We are currently working on other themes (at least, I was supposed to…), but this one was the one we liked most at launching time.

Thanks, thats a good reason! For what it’s worth, if you do add more themes, something that just has titles and no preview of the post text would be great. There’s so much text when I open the forums, and the titles aren’t substantially typographically distinguished from the preview, it makes it hard to skim.


Exactly this - once you’ve investigated a topic you know what it contains, you don’t need the first post preview any longer, it just wastes space.

Perhaps previewing the latest unread reply would be better than the system as it is now, but a way to hide any subtext would be fantastic. That coupled with a dark mode would be perfect.

Perhaps we could hide the text of topics you’ve looked at while keeping the preview for new posts?


I’m taking a wild guess, I reckon it’s because it looks vaguely similar to G+, which certainly worked on me!

Another improvement I can think of would be adding Reddit and Discord to the “Share” options. These could be auto-populated with /r/osr and the OSR Discord information.

This could boost forum use and membership numbers as it would be easier and more streamlined to share content with other existing OSR communities.


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Would it be possible to include a space in user profiles for websites? If someone writes an interesting post, I’d like to be able to click through to their personal site to look for more.

There already is one under Preferences -> Profile. It’s right below “Location” and above “Profile Header.”

It shows up when you click on a username - try it by clicking on mine!


So there is! Thanks for that.