I'm in the final 48 hours of my kickstarter for Delta Gamma vs Draculas

Back in February I funded a short zine (well, I guess in zine terms it’s a long zine, but short book, at about 40 pages) called Goddamn Fucking Dungeon Punks. That’s a project I’m super proud of and can’t wait to get out into the world for folks.

Then Covid happened. And now that I’m living that quarantine lifestyle, I wanted to increase the scope of my project, and release Delta Gamma vs Draculas as a double feature with GFDP which I will be printing in July when the quarantine is over (fingers fucking crossed). While Goddamn Fucking Dungeon punks is definitely my brand of silly, irreverent and anarchist but is very much RPG status quo in a lot of ways. Take some weirdos, put them in a dungeon, it’s a tried and true format for success. I thought that Delta Gamma vs Draculas was a good opportunity to try something a little weirder, and push the limits a bit at what kind of games we usually play in RPG’s.

One thing I work very hard to do is not have the players simply strangers who met in a tavern, or some loosely structured “adventurer club”. Neither players nor GM need to come up with a contrived reason for everybody to know each other (A) and why nobody has a regular job (B) because the game places them in a setting that answers both of those questions. Players take on the role of outcasts, rejects, misfits, and weirdos and aligns them against unfair power structures - but while GFDP does that in a more obvious politically charged way - punks in dungeons who hate society - Delta Gamma vs Draculas pushes the limit of this idea and has you playing sorority girls who are hated by the rest of their sisters for not properly fraternizing with Dracula during rush week.

Delta Gamma vs Draculas can either be played with my own rules GFDP; or if you don’t want to purchase both products, can be played either as a module for Troika! (using backgrounds provided in the book) - or - as a rules-lite micro RPG if you’re comfortable playing it without the framework of a ‘completed’ RPG.

Anyway, I’m just a dude in a cabin waiting out this apocalypse and if you want to back my games before the Sun God melts us into primordial goop and uses us as fuel for his spaceship back to Jupiter, that would be really, much appreciated.

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