I'm making a new book - A Generative Wavecrawl Setting Toolkit

Wind Wraith - A Generative Wavecrawl Setting Toolkit - Build your ship and explore endless horizons in a post apocalypse dark fantasy ocean world.

Some information on the new project:

Wind Wraith is a generative wavecrawl setting toolkit. Forge your own unique dark fantasy post-apocalyptic ocean world. Discover scattered islands, strange factions of survivors and ancient ruins. Play as a crew desperately trying to survive in a fallen world, building and upgrading your ship and attempting to unravel the mysteries of the past.

The book will be a high-quality hardcover filled with everything you need to generate and run an immersive nautical campaign for old school essentials.

You can sign up for the pre-launch here

I’ve been looking a lot at PIRATE BORG (and Mork Borg, as a result) lately, and I think this supplement is something that I could find a lot of use for. The idea of the crew sailing their way from hexcrawl to hexcrawl as they go looking for treasure or stop somewhere to pick up more fruit makes for a good structure for adventure shenanigans.

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