Introducing Lands of Legends - ZineQuest

Hello everyone!
Just found out about this community and wanted to let you know about my current project on Kickstarter, as it might be relevant your interest!

Lands of Legends is a set of five double-sided zines collecting 500 unique sandbox areas and 500 special encounters.
Each zine has its own “flavor” (Mundane, Grim, Holy, Fairy, and Primeval), and, within each, encounters and areas are sorted by terrain type (Mountains, Plains, Forests, Swamps, Deserts, and so on).
Hope I have picked your curiosity! Come see the campaign here:


Thanks to the support from the community, Lands of Legends has just become a SIX ZINES project, with the unlocked sixth zine: the Lands of Legends Companion, which includes, for now, a Drop Die Map Maker system, designed to work with the Unique Areas tables of the first five zines!
And of course we hope to fill the Companion with more awesome tools, so spread the word and help the project grow!!!

Did I mention all backers of the five zines get the Companion for free?


Update: with the project hitting 600% of funding goal, backers of the complete print pledge will now receive a voucher to print the Companion too!

A quick heads-up as there’s only 4 hours left to back!
We’ve reached 1000% of funding goal and almost 200 backers and all the stretch goals have been unlocked!