Issue 1 of the Pit Zine is out!

You can now pick up the Zine from DTRPG or Lulu!

Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas, art, and submissions to make this endevaor possible. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I’m PUMPED about how awesome the finished product is.

@maderschramm made a video overview if you want a sneak peek.

Video Overview


Ahhh it’s finally a reality!! Thank you everyone who helped out, this was quite a fun project and I’m very proud to be apart of the first issue. Cannot wait to see what we can do next as a community!


I have a problem on Page 35 (in both pdf of drivethru)

Just so you know :wink:

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I believe that’s part of the encounter, it’s supposed to be like a tech log kind of thing in that dungeon.

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Ahhh yes, the console code is part of the dungeon. It does look like the font is a bit off though, I’ll see what’s goin’ on there. Big shout out to @Nyhur whom created all the text for that dungeon!

Thanks mate! Yeah it’s probably because of a slight font change :confused:
Let me know if I can help, maybe I can find a different one.

Anyway this was an amazing project!!
Huge thanks to @Kingroy23 and @maderschramm !!
@LF_OSR, loved working with you on this!


In not seeing the issue on the page, can you elaborate?

@Nyhur @LF_OSR

The font that was originally used didn’t import into affinity as it was done in InDesign and wasn’t a standard font that I had so I replaced it with Monaco as that’s the normal terminal font for macOS and is monospaced.

Purchased! Been very excited for this!


I posted a review of the zine on the biggest french RPG forum:


I don’t speak french, but I’m assuming this is all talking about how awesome it is? :rofl:

My debriefing culture comes from the improv scene: “if you got nothing nice to say, then shut up”

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