Funnel Jam!

I just joined @SageDaMage’s Funnel Jam on I may or may not actually have time to follow through on it, but I have an idea for a My Hero Academia-inspired superhero funnel that I’m really excited about, although I imagine most of the funnels will be more in the vein of DCC. People should check it out!


WHITEFRANK is extremely strong with this so-called “funnel” idea but the organizer uses Discord, doesn’t have normal media contacts and is recommending incompatible games so I will have to pass. It’s a shame because my game fits this funnel thing perfectly.

I started a topic on the Community page and I will proceed from there. But really, with so many charts, my style of game has this “funnel” idea built in. :slight_smile:

I don’t think he would be opposed if you wanted to make a WHITEFRANK Funnel, you should ask! I’m probably going to cobble together my own system for this and he seems perfectly ok with that.

I was thinking just to abstract some of the charts and provide as generic a platform as possible in terms of rules required and focus more on the threat and the adventure premise.