Jack-O’-Dungeons Blog a day challenge

This month, I’m going to try to write a blogpost every day. Here’s the first one!


Here’s the second one:

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Okey-doke, day 3!

I feel kinda medium on this one. I’m enamored with the central idea, but it could use playtesting.

Day 4–this one was a challenge. I have plenty of ideas, but none that I was really excited about writing. By the end, I feel happy about it. I spent the whole day worrying about what to write, but once I actually sat down, it only took about thirty minutes. I guess the trick is to pace myself and stay consistent.

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Day 5. This one was fun to write, although I wish I was a better artist. I usually do art in pen, but pencil was all I had available while waiting in the doctor’s office today.

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Day 6. This is one that I don’t feel so good about. It’s an attempt at an “OSR philosophy” post—unfortunately, I’m not so great at explaining myself, so I don’t know if my point quite came through.