Knave 2e quasi-classes

I just wanted to share some lightweight rules I made for Knave 2e to add back some class action while sticking to the spirit of the game.
Players can choose from a variety of mentors/advisors to start with. Each mentor teaches a skill and maybe gifts a special item. These skills and items help to define more traditional class roles.
Advancement after character creation relies entirely on finding and persuading masters to teach you new skills. The hope is that this will be largely driven by players engaging with the fantasy world.

I’d love to hear what you think.


I don’t run Knave but I love this idea. Have you heard of Old School Stylish? It’s a little more gamey, but it has the same hook of finding teachers to gain class mechanics instead of leveling.
After a quick read through, I have one question. Is the intent that you must always find a teacher of greater skill than the previous when you want to learn more? It’s not said outright, but that seems to make the most sense.
BTW, I enjoyed your writing. Brief but not dry.

I haven’t seen Old School Stylish, but I’ll have to take a look.

I think in my mind every teacher would just have a different skill not necessarily a greater skill. It’s really up to the GM though since the progression has to interface with the fantasy world more tightly than many other progression systems.

I’m glad you liked my writing and thanks for the compliment.