Knock! issue#1 now on Kickstarter

Amigas and amigos, Knock! is now live on KS. An Adventure Gaming Bric-a-brac for us OSR weirdos!
212 pages in full color on cool paper.
It took us two years from the initial email, but we did it, and we’re proud of the result. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks.


Looks awesome! Best of luck to you.

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I’ve been waiting for a while !

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I hope it picks up.

A bookmark stretchgoal is a lot more appealing than I’d have expected at first.

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It should have been launched at the end of next week only… But KS launched it automatically today. Hopefully, we were ready or almost…

that’s a fun fact :smiley:
Good luck guys !
I’m in already !

Looks awesome! Backed! I love projects like this.

Couldn’t resist. This looks right up my alley.