Let's Build: Mecha

I have obviously been very interested in Mecha recently (see my Into the Odd-based Mecha Hack Get Into the Machine, Shinji! or my recent not-review of Saruri-Man: Midsummer Nights Adventures).

So let’s build some Mecha!

These come from an incomplete blog post I’m drafting, but I thought why not make it a thing for everyone? I tried to keep these tight but admittedly the last one is a little wordier.

MECHA LIST (Initial)

Arsenic: Black. Tripod legs on a humanoid core with clawed hands. Its head is a long metallic tentacle with a Tesla Coil-like weapon at the end of it.

Razzle-Dazzle: Surprisingly mobile “walking weapons platform” with a core that looks more like a tank than a humanoid mecha. Black and white clashing stripes or other holographically overlayed camouflage make it difficult to track in cluttered environments.

Chimera: Quadrupedal but ape-like, somewhere between a lemur and a wolf, with a long snout. Its high-frequency maw glows with ultraviolet. White with purple trim. Long thin tail tipped with a snake-like “head” consisting of rear sensors and laser beam weapon.

Dogu: Alien craft like if Jack Kirby made a psychedelic Celestial inspired by the eponymous Jomon-era figurines.

Rebis: Neon yellow bio-“Mecha”, a genetic hodgepodge of non-human animal, fungus, and bacteria in a humanoid form. Keratin plates that look like sleek near-future body armor. Shimmers with a bio-engineered tardigrade film for environmental protection. A fungal/bacterial microbiome can excrete through the skin weaponry such as sphaerobolus (aka artillery fungus). Retractable silken wings that work as solar sails for space travel. Pilot operates The Rebis via an umbilical cable that connects to their spine like in the Cronenberg movie Existenz.


Intensely weird, nerdy & hitech! :heart:

Something goofier:

Built for an eccentric billionaire, Shift is a transforming mech that turns from a flashy replica sports car into an exosuit with the push of a red button, hidden inside the gear stick. The suit forms around the person behind the steering wheel, naturally. It was originally used for making an impressive entrance at film premieres, gala events and night clubs, but it’s hardly in mint condition now, with ugly rust spots and replacement 3rd party tyres & rims. A cheap car freshener (pine-scented) is lodged somewhere between its mechanical folds.


Thanks :). If you like those above I would highly recommend you read the Saruri-Man Not-Review!

Shift sounds cool too, like if the Batmobile could transform into a Mecha! Except if it was kind of tacky haha.

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I’ve written another one:

Matrioshka: A supermassive starship, wherein the command deck is an ejectable battle cruiser, piloted by a Mecha whose cockpit is designed to fit a Power Armored pilot, all of which is entraining on the brain waves of the unborn child of the pregnant pilot.

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A few more:

Psycho Baku: Minimalist trunk-nosed Mecha using sensory-scrambling technology, psychophysical illusions, and even psychoactive gases, to create large-scale illusions, mirages, and hallucinations.

Panic Slug: Wrist-mounted shotgun sprays “slugs”, autonomous AI missile drones that seek to infiltrate enemy Mecha and hack them or physically disable them from the inside. As the slugs infest Mecha, they exhibit behaviors like myoclonic jerks.

Murder Crow: Head like a plague doctor mask. A “field medic” Mecha with two autonomous crow-like drones for surveilling disabled/damaged Mecha or for defense, while primarily equipped for Mecha field repairs or ad-hoc constructs.

Old Reliable: An older model of Mecha, the OR series is what would be considered the Pick-up truck of Mecha where even if it had been blown to pieces and put back together or simply missing components. The OR Series can standup to several lifetimes of abuse before absolutely needing to be taken in for repair work.

Iron Side: The Iron Side model of mech is considered the oldest model of mecha around, no longer produced on any sort of scale and often spotted on old battlefields or museums. The Iron side Model can standup to far more abuse than certain modern mechs of supposedly similar calibers. To find a working one is a blessing and a curse to the owner, but a something they can gamble comfortably despite the intensity of a fight.

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Mazu: The rainbow dragon Mecha of Pirate Queen Prismasha, Empress of Space. The cockpit of the Mecha is Platina, a dolphin/sea serpent-esque space fighter craft. Mazu and Platina are demigod/AI from an ancient spacefaring civilization. They each dueled Prismasha in “hand-to-hand” combat for her love and hand in marriage, and in their respective failures, vowed to serve as her guardians.

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Mecha-Buster Squad: Wear light power armor and utilize mobility tools such as rocket packs, magnetic grapples, and solar sails, weaponry such as RPGs, high-impact “one-shot” sniper rifles, and vibro-lances, and various kinds of immobilizing or debilitating traps, to take down significantly larger and more powerful Mecha.

Gatcha: The corporation that makes this series of Mecha sells them exclusively in capsules where the specific model inside is not revealed until after purchase. While an expensive and potentially risky way to build a fleet, one lucky Gatcha capsule can justify the purchase of dozens of other overpriced and lower-quality Gatcha Mecha. Some are desired solely for their rarity, as a status symbol or for their value in the speculation market, as opposed to actual combat utility.