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Hello again all! Hope everyone is staying safe.

With the introduction of the new category, I’d like to go ahead and set up my little art corner here! I’ll be posting my OSR / D&D inspired artwork here for everyone to enjoy. If you’re interested in using any of these for commercial purposes, please contact me before hand. As long as you credit, go ahead and use as you’d like for personal use!

Most these works are also posted on the LF_OSR Instagram Page but I might also post works-in-progress here, or other random art projects that I feel you guys might enjoy. I’m currently working with other content creators on some really cool stuff including OSR adventure artwork, dungeon synth cassette tape artwork, album covers, rule-book covers, and even an animated music video! I’ll be posting updates on those projects here, so be sure to check back as my little gallery grows.

Big thanks to @Kingroy23 & @thekernelinyellow for setting up the new Arts n’ Crafts category and a big thanks to all those that have joined me on my art journey. The amount of support I’ve received from the OSR community is incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to visualize more amazing worlds! :crossed_swords:

Light Cliff Castle, April 30th, 2020


Your textures are mesmerizing!

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Thank you! It’s been fun learning this style of texturing. I hit 200 followers yesterday and decided to do a piece to celebrate, the texture on this one was an interesting process.

200!, May 8th, 2020


Wanted to share another piece I finished the other day!

I tend to use bridges in my sandbox worlds as notable locations - mostly due to how they’re used strategically by factions, bandits, or monsters. Whenever my players are about to cross a bridge they have not crossed before, I’ll go into extra detail regarding the surroundings. Bridges can be make very cool transition mediums - one side is territory of a strict tyrant, the other is a free country. One side of the terrain is hostile ruggedness, the opposite a beautiful meadow. Just depends on how long you make the bridge!

I wanted to embody this with a piece that shows a small bridge my party recently crossed, where I took a moment to describe the view of their ultimate destination - Split Peak, a dangerous mountain that was split in two long before men walked the lands.

Bridge of Split Peak, May 9th, 2020

Are there any notable bridges in your recent sessions?


Nearing a new town was always a fun experience for me in OSR sessions - the relief of being able to rest, restock, and interact with NPC’s. Or, perhaps, there isn’t much known about this town, and there’s a palatable sense of mystery, or dread invoked by the inhabitant’s attitudes toward the party. I wanted to try to visualize that first view of a new town.

I have a few go-to towns that I incorporate into my campaigns, but I’ve yet to really dig into the more iconic towns like Orlane or the Free City of Greyhawk. Do you guys use any classic towns in your sessons?
Outside of Town


One of my favorite Youtubers, Runehammer, always preaches that you should make your players earn town. I think it’s an interesting idea, that getting safety in town and being able to buy supplies is one of the principal rewards during a campaign.


Just got done watching some Runehammer, I really like their stuff! Very interesting concept, I think I’m going to make towns seem much more rewarding now, after the PC’s get through the challenges of course!

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Yeah, everything he says is gold. ICRPG is one of my favorite systems though I’ve burned out on it a little bit. Great art by the way, very evocative.

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Another one for you guys! This one is directly inspired by a session I had a few nights ago where the PC’s were staying the night at a friendly hermit’s house. They felt comfortable enough to let their guard down and even do a bit of drinking as a celebration of some recent events.

And, of course, there was a midnight assault on the hermits house. These assailants followed the PC’s the day before and waited until the hero’s were passed out from their celebrations, then gave the hero’s quite a wake up call. It was a blast having the PC’s try to comprehend what was going on while battling their intoxication!

Midnight Assault

Do you guys have any fun stories of something happening to your PC’s while they were helplessly sleeping?


Losing your PC in an OSR game is something I’m sure everyone here has experienced (maybe some more than others!), I’ve definitely tossed aside a slain character of my own and quickly forgot about them as I rolled my next, but sometimes you lose a character you’ve really grown to like.

In my recent session, the party lost their leader figure and decided to take a moment to bury them and erect a gravestone. It wasn’t so much of a sad moment, but more of a celebration of what the character had achieved. It was nice to see my players take a moment like that, so I decided to visualize the view before they departed to their next adventure.
Tree Path Grave

Do you guys have any significant PC deaths that really stuck with you throughout your sessions?


Amazing as usual!
The simplicity of this image and location, with just a single tombstone in the middle on nowhere, it’s so mysterious and inspiring.

A whole adventure could spawn from such an encounter.

The characters, tired after a long journey, set camp not far from the tombstone.
Dreams are cryptic and full of dark signs.
In the morning the tombstone has disappeared and they progress in their journey.
From now on they cannot find anymore familiar places or known faces. Something happened. They keep dreaming of the tombstone.
Little do they know that they are still next to it. Sleeping in the forest. Trapped in the memories of a dead man.


Damn, that’s an awesome write up Nyhur! It kind of reminds me of an SCP article. I might just use a variation of that in my next session! Sounds great for a little contained one off adventure.

It’s so cool to read or hear about what people cook up using my art as inspiration, I intentionally try to keep some things ambiguous to let people fill in the gaps with their imaginations. It truly motivates me to create more little snapshots of a mysterious world!

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Oh yeah let me know how it’ll go if you play something like that!

and yes, as I said, your art is very inspiring! For sure I’ll write something in the future based on one of your images if you don’t mind :]

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Definitely will let you know how it goes. Cookin’ up ideas right now!

Absolutely, you’re more than free to use my stuff as writing inspiration. I think it would be really cool to collaborate together on a one pager or somethin’! We could include it in the upcoming Pit Zine. :thinking:


Sounds like a great idea!
I’ll write you in priv and we can organize to make something.

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My last Knave session finished just as my players were approaching a new Outpost location in a land they’re not familiar with. They don’t recognize the pitch black flags, and haven’t seen this type of architecture before. What awaits them as they near the walls of the outpost?

As an aside, I have no idea about anything regarding this outpost! My players went off on a great path I was not expecting and they sure enough threw me for a loop when, after a few rolls, the dice decided they stumbled upon an outpost. I also have a descriptor table that I tend to use when winging discovery stuff like this - my roll landed on “foreboding”. So, I decided to try to visualize this foreboding outpost!


Another town location! This one was more or less inspired by Thunder Bluff from Warcraft, but toned down a bit with perhaps a bit more European fantasy style injected. My players will be visiting this town (hopefully) in the near future. :crossed_swords:


The fine @QuestingBeast released the newest version of Maze Knights on his Patreon and I immediately noticed the addition of MANA POWERED AIRSHIPS! I knew one of my sessions would really enjoy this concept, so I ran the newest version, and it was a blast. The new leader system is very fun, and I really enjoy the general direction Maze Knights is going.

And, of course, I had to visualize my players maiden voyage on their new (sort of) airship!


Them projects your working on sound great
I love this artist corner thing I think I will steal the idea

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Hey thank you! Definitely set up your art corner, I really enjoy your work.

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