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I’ve started setting up a new theme (which isn’t currently available to other users), in order to remove the text preview.

This is the first version, in which I disabled text and image previews, keeping the tiles.

And this is the second version, in which I kept the image previews, but removed the text. To me, it looks a bit messy, but maybe image previews are interesting enough to be worth it.

I’m also thinking on removing the tiles and have one topic per line, but it looks like a lot of work, so I’d like some feedback from you before trying, and thus we get our first poll!

  • Keep the tiles
  • Remove the tiles

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Please note that this will be a completely different theme, which you will be able to select from your setting. The default theme will remain the same (so, if you like the current theme, you shouldn’t worry).


I don’t mind the text previews

Yeah, definitely prefer no images, thanks for putting in the work!

The new theme, without text previews, will be optional, while the current theme will remain the default.

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This looks awesome! Great work tKiY!

Is there any way to hide text previews for “Read” topics only? This way you would have the preview enabled for stuff you haven’t read but hide the preview for topics you’ve already investigated, removing clutter and cleaning up the page.

I will investigate it, but I’m not 100% sure it can be done.

Turned out it could be done, as you can see below (again, I should be able to remove the images with the text or keep them).

I didn’t set a different background image, but it will probably be the same as the default theme’s.


This is looking really good. The above example is much better for an at-a-glance showing of what you’ve read and what you haven’t.

Another improvement might be showing a text preview for the latest unread reply on topics you’re following. That way the details would automatically expand again showing pertinent at-a-glance information that is relevant to you, but I’m not sure if that’s possible or practical.

Either way, you’ve made great strides in improving the UI/UX with these mock-ups!

I’m learning as I try things out, so I will be able to tell if it’s possible or not after a couple of hours of attempts.

I’ve tried to remove the tiles and get a more forum-looking page. I’m thinking about something do differentiate the topics a little, like having some spacing or a bottom margin.

Mobile view (badly cropped):


These last few are exactly what I’d love to see. Thanks again for all your work.

Looking good, although I think the image preview is a nice feature these are missing.

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Image preview is disabled for all the already read posts, so I wasn’t seeing any images. I’ve re-enabled that preview in order to take the screenshots. I must say that I’m far happier with the mobile view than with the desktop one. I’ll probably need to fork the CSS and use different settings to make both beautiful.

Definitely agree on that; although the mobile looks really good!

It also depends a lot on the image, but I think that’s on whatever library is being used by the theme to crop the images. Some look really good, other less so.

May make sense to just cut the images from that theme to at least get it out the door, then revisit down the road. I assume the people that want that traditional forum look don’t care either way and/or would live with the tiles to use the extended functionality.

I’m skeptical that it will end up looking good on desktop at all, and the mobile view already looks a lot like the mock-up that just hid previews after reading the threads.

Yep, the mobile view is already single-row, so it was more about checking that nothing broke than actually changing the interface.

I think there is margin for some improvement, basically getting either an old forum feel or the original Discord feel (the tiles plugin is basically making it impossible to simply revert to the original theme, but I’m talking with the plugin developer right now and maybe he has some ideas).

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This looks nice! Thanks for hard work!

Not sure if it’s a discourse thing or a osr pit thing, but I really dig the “unread” and "latest’ buttons at the top of the page to check on new posts.