Looking for people to check out/review my automated system neutral weird city toolkit!

Hello, I am wanting to give away a few copies of my new thing Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit. You can review it or have a play with it to generate something and post them somewhere or whatever you want really!

Its here: Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit - Gorgzu Games | DriveThruRPG.com

And does fully automated HTML generators for:

  • Suburb overviews, including appearance, purpose, dangers and weirdness.
  • Building stocking.
  • Building appearance.
  • NPC professions, desires, and weaponry.
  • Merchants.
  • Items small and large for stores and workshops.
  • Magical items.
  • Ornamentation.
  • Mental pursuits.
  • Entertainment venues.
  • Gangs, including leaders, appearances, cultures, and desires.
  • Order Keepers, including leaders, appearances, cultures, and desires.
  • Temples and Gods.
  • Monsters.
  • Dungeons.
  • Guilds, including areas of expertise, operating procedure, and appearance.
  • Augmentations.
  • Jobs and missions.
  • Room stocking, atmosphere and ornamentation.
  • Inhabitant reaction.
  • Devices.
  • Traps.

Infinigrad: The Weird City Toolkit also includes a fully automated HTML generator for creating unique Guild Dogs for players to pick up and play in seconds (or to use as dangerous and interesting NPCs).

A PDF with visual tables for generating Suburb and Building Maps is also included.

It does things like this:


Just supply your DriveThruRPG email address to me and I shall send you a copy :slight_smile:


Looks neat!

Very, very small point, if you have an online builder, I personally find the capitals mid-sentence where the random bit insert, breaks my immersion e.g. “with Ornate decoration with bones.” and “that With the assistance of ghosts or spirits”.

I only mention this because if it were me, I’d want to know!

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback - I think I debated this a bit myself - and obviously picked the Capitalization at the start of an entry route…unfortunately with about 2500 lines I don’t think I’ll be changing it over any time soon haha.

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I wondered if that might be the case!

If these are just list, you could paste them in Word and cycle through Shift+F3 (and then copy and paste back, perhaps via notepad to remove any formatting):

Shift+F3 is the Change Case keyboard shortcut. Selected text and press Shift+F3 to go ALL CAPS, again to go Initial Caps, and again to go all lowercase etc.

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Very useful, thanks!

I could possibly write some code to parse it and remove caps if that’s still something you’d like to do. Or I guess it’s more complicated than just caps, but specifically caps between prompts? Anyway, as long as it’s systematic in some way, it should be possible to automate.

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I’ll have a think. Thanks!