Looking for Science Fiction Classes for B/X D&D

Does anyone know of any good science fiction classes (or hacks) for B/X D&D (or OSE or whatever other B/X retroclone)?

I ask because I ran Death in Space recently. And I liked it! Still, I find myself wanting to play my scifi with my preferred system.

(I know there’s White Star. I might end up just doing the little bit of conversion necessary to make its OD&D classes work with B/X.)

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Fantastic Heroes and Witchery has Pulp, Weird Tales, Science Fantasy, and Sci-Fi classes, and is very compatible with B/X and 1e. They don’t lean hard SF but the presentation is good, and the material is free.


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The Frontier: The Frontier Starter Edition - One Dwarf Army | The Frontier | DriveThruRPG.com

This is the free starter edition. It always looked interesting to me but I’ve never had a chance to try it out. IIRC it is B/X-ish, so it might be close enough to give you some ideas you could adapt.

There’s also

I think these are also OD&D based, but still: a different vibe from White Star.

Golgotha and Extinction (also on DTRPG) are based off The Black Hack but might have some useful ideas.

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Thanks for these. Looks like I’ll have to hack something together. But now at least I have a lot of good inspiration.

What are you trying to do? Sci fi? Science fantasy?

I’m trying to do a cross between the two, actually. Imagine a blend of The Expanse, Alien, and Star Wars and you’re practically there. I’m sure there are already good systems that do this. And yet I want to play B/X, dang it!

ASE2-3: (Anomalous Subsurface Environment) has Insect-Men, Moktar (Neanderthals or something), Robot, Scientist.

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Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu might have what you need.

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There’s also B/X Mars on drivethru

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