Made a Blog post about Gamma World 1e

Hey, just want to kick this out here that I’ve joined the blogsphere with a post about my initial thoughts on the first edition of Gamma World. It’s a short post, not too long and hopefully it’s a good read to anyone interested in it.

Here’s the link; Creative Mind of Too Much Time: Gamma World 1E Initial Thoughts (

Please let me know what you all think of the post (if it needs to be improved in any way) and your thoughts on Gamma World.

Stay safe.


Just throw this here since I don’t think it would warrant a new post, but I just want to share a couple of more blog posts I have made about me mulling over Gamma World more.

The first post is covering the current premise I have in mind for the game and the general start that the Players and their characters will be aware of. Here is the link: Creative Mind of Too Much Time: Vault 49ers: Gamma World 1e Campaign Prep - The Basic Start (

The second post I have made is the start of a small series (or just a couple of posts making stream of consciousness type posts as I read through 1e material) where I go back to re-examine Gamma World and make sure I have an understanding what the assumptions that Gamma World uses for both it’s rules and worldbuilding. Here is the link: Creative Mind of Too Much Time: Wrapping my head around Gamma World - Part 1 (

Just wanted to kick these out here to share them and get any other thoughts.

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