Maximum Recursion Depth Kickstarter!

I just launched a kickstarter for my game Maximum Recursion Depth! The game uses an original system based on Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland, and includes all original art and high quality layout.

A tag-line from the KS: It’s a game about fucked up people in a fucked up world, rescuing poltergeists from the clutches of a dysfunctional bureaucracy that has failed them, violently facing their own flaws and failings in order to do so. It uses a rules-light, “new school revolution” system inspired by Into the Odd and Electric Bastionland.


The Kickstarter is in its final hours! It is >300% funded, and all stretch goals have been met; even if I don’t get a single additional backer I am immensely satisfied with how it has performed, but if you had any interest in it, we’re nearing those final moments!

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